Video Production, Strategy and Implementation

Video Production, Strategy and Implementation

Video Production, Strategy and Implementation Video Production, Strategy and Implementation Video Production, Strategy and Implementation


What if...

 every time you want someone to understand your business, you could SHOW them who you are, SHOW them what makes you different and SHOW them how much you care in 2 minutes flat?


not just "hoping" this video works (like most videographers make you do) but rather having a crystal clear, fully-integrated, PROVEN strategy to driving fresh profit and impact.

NOW Imagine...

being on a website that is run by a video warrior who really cares about helping honest , customer driven people grow their company, by making these 2 minute Video Business Cards.

Okay, now open your eyes.


Now That You know us...Tell us About You

What We Offer

Intake and Strategy

After filling out our Discovery form, we'll have the essential elements to imagine your business using video.

If you’re a good fit for our services we’ll schedule a meeting, or call, to discuss strategy and video ideas to help you reach your goals. 

Video Strategy

To begin we must discover what type of videos to create, depending on your goals and obstacles you face. We ask questions and strategize a video-based solution. 

Video Production

With TV industry experience, our time-effective production processes go beyond traditional marketing in creating authentic, engaging, story-driven video that is designed to build connection with the target viewer, and get them to take action.


Every story results in a happy ending. After a video is made, we help you implement your new asset, with a strategy developed just for you, to ensure it hits the target.

Video Business Cards

How many times have you explained what it is you do with your business? A video business card lives on your website, social media channels, and devices. It is a virtual salesperson that is always there to greet customers and makes the perfect pitch every time. A VBC is an invaluable tool for your business. Ready to automate your sales process 24/7.

Video Production with Purpose

You own a business. You are in charge of managing money, time, and building relationships. Would you believe me if I told you that video could automate and enhance all of these processes? Contact us to inquire further about training videos, social media production, or just to see how video could help alleviate the pressure of managing a successful business.

We Aren’t Here To Just To Make Artsy Videos, Drop 'em Off and Run

That's the problem we're committed to changing. Neptune Video exists to help meaningful businesses expand into the worldwide community of online communications, sales and opportunities. By focusing on the results gained from our videos, we change everything.